Carla J. Max

I D E N T I T Y • P R I N T • S P A T I A L • P H O T O - M E D I A • I N T E R A C T I V E :  D E S I G N
   An local designer, cultivating fresh client relationships, nurturing those which endure and growing deep roots among communities. Evolving wide-ranging tools and techniques enhances distinct, targeted brands and design solutions. Of the creative and technical qualifications detailed in her resumé, the most important asset Carla employs with clients, colleagues, vendors, is the skill of engaged listening.
    Quality design demands excellent two-way communication. Not only does this enhance feedback in the creative process, but also because the end result of that process IS itself, communication. Visually and interactively, a message is more than words, it leaves an impression. Quality design ensures both the message, and its messenger leave a good impression to its target audience. Simply said, Carla Max makes clients and their resources "look good". Browse and connect to share ideas, collaborations, and opportunities. Stay inspired. carla@cjmaxart.com

Collaborative • Responsive • Effective • Creative